February 19, 2016

It’s a truly wonderful winter here, temps in the 70’s and 80’s and plenty of sunshine.  It’s really treating us right, we dug 25 post holes on Valentine’s day in preparation for a large (70 x 45) community garden to be installed in front of the big studio.  The weather is also a great help in flood recovery.  Today we’re working on the living room walls in the house.  Last week we installed walls made from the recycled wood that was once our floor.  Onward through the fog!


February 25, 2016

The excitement is building for our second firing of the Train Kiln this weekend.  It’s a beautiful kiln built by beautiful people.  We have about 13 firing with us on Saturday.

Freezing last night here.  The plum trees have blossomed and the ash tree has leafed out along with many other plants.  Iris, Jonquil, etc. blooming.  A flock of Cedar Waxwings visited briefly yesterday, they were wearing full breeding colors.  Work continues on the flood recovery, here’s a picture of the latest wall we finished using flooring we pulled up and planed.  The drawing of me in this photo is by my friend Joe Janson.wall

March 22, 2016.  Just returned from a road trip with Carl Block to Kansas City for the annual NCECA convention.  We had a great time meeting fellow clay workers, listening to presentations and watching artist work, looking at hundreds of great ceramic works, and eating lots of BAR B QUE!  It was a fine week.  The exhibitions were super, lots of the old guard – Volkous, Leedy, Autio, Reitz, etc. – were well represented and some great new talent.  I’ll post some pictures soon.  We sampled Bar B Que at Gates, Authur Bryant’s, Jack Stack, and Oklahoma Joe’s.  Damn good pork at all four places.  I couldn’t say one was better than the others because we sampled different dishes at each one.  Overall, you couldn’t go wrong with any of them.  Back to work here, spring is in full bloom and hopefully we’ve had our last freeze for the year.

August 15, 2016 We’re nearly finished with the house remodel – flood recovery but behind on every thing else. We’ll be posting the fall schedule within the week with wheel, hand building, sculpture, and mold making workshops plus more. This new addition is another reason we’re behind! Stay tuned!tiny scooter001
August 21, 2016 We are deeply saddened by the death this morning of our dear, long time friend and resident artist Gery Henderson. He was a wonderful, cheerful, helpful, big hearted part of the Eye of the Dog for the past 20 years. Rest in Peace Big G!

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